In April 2020, Curative began COVID-19 testing. When we first recognized the need for scaling and offering high-volume testing to fight the pandemic in the United States, we could have never imagined how that mission would have evolved to what it has become today. Our greatest strength has been our ability to scale and adapt to serve the needs of the communities. Our ability to innovate and overcome obstacles, helped us scale COVID-19 testing and build path-breaking health care solutions. Through intentional design, we also made healthcare more equitable. As we reflect on our milestones, we reaffirm our commitment to ending this pandemic as we work to build a healthier tomorrow, together.

Meeting People Where They Are:

The Creation of Kiosks

Our first kiosk design to our latest.

One of our earliest innovations was born out of necessity. In our partnership with the City of Seattle, due to the city’s landscape and limited space available for normalized drive-thru operations, we were challenged to develop an option for walkable convenient access to testing for the city population. Our CEO, Fred Turner, asked: “What about kiosks?” The team turned to the whiteboards to envision what a kiosk for COVID testing would look like. How would we keep healthcare workers safe? How do we convey instructions? This led to a collaboration with design studio GEHL and the prototype for our mobile kiosks. Since launching, these kiosks have been deployed in over 300 different sites across the United States, encouraging accessible and user-friendly testing.

Taking Testing on the Road:

Deploying Mobile Vans

After witnessing our kiosks’ success, we wondered: are rural and hard-to-reach locations across the United States getting adequate resources to curb the pandemic? How do we reach populations that would otherwise not get tested? According to Pew Trust, an estimated 2 million people 65 and older are mostly or entirely homebound, and another 5 million have health conditions that make it hard to get out. Aligned with our commitment to health equity, we knew we had to find a solution. Inspired by blood drives, we connected to a camper van fabricator in Los Angeles and the team got to work. We outlined our priorities and walked through our ideal end-to-end user experience. Our final product successfully allowed us to bring testing to over 1,000 sites, prioritizing remote and underserved regions.

April 2020

Curative's early prototypes and ideations of our van

May 2020

Curative's mobile testing van hits the streets

September 2021

897 mobile vans are providing healthcare to people across the country

Hope Arises: Vaccine Distribution

In 2020, our work was defined by rapid learning, late nights, and sheer determination. Witnessing the impact this pandemic has had on our country’s physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing, we’ve maintained that momentum as we work to bring this pandemic to a close. With the approval or EUA authorization of the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Janssen vaccines, that goal is in sight. We utilized our local and national partnerships to build upon our testing infrastructure to begin mass vaccination efforts. We targeted our vaccine distribution to the populations most impacted by the pandemic, and through partnering with local leaders, worked toward building vaccine confidence. In Los Angeles’ Crenshaw neighborhood, we worked with the West Angeles Church to open a recurring vaccination site on Sundays. By partnering with institutions of trust in the community, like churches, we helped build confidence and preparedness in populations traditionally underserved by healthcare. In Marin County, we worked with county officials to bring vaccinations to Northern California’s West Marin, which is home to many Spanish-speaking agricultural workers who would otherwise have to drive long distances to receive services. Aware of the stark digital divide between West and East Marin, county officials looked to Curative to provide the services to bridge that gap. We set up vaccine sites with local clinics, non-profits, and community organizations, and built relationships that make Curative a trusted member of the communities we serve.

Curative Inc. & its subsidiary, Curative Management Services LLC, engage with medical entities that provide vaccination services.

New Solutions for Old Problems:

Creating Original Software

To serve our patients, we need to collect, store, and report data while ensuring privacy and accuracy. When we started,no software existed that met our needs for scaling — so we created our own. Feeling the urgency, the Curative software team developed a comprehensive suite of software tools to address these concerns in one weekend and iterated from there as needs arose. Curative believed testing sites and vaccine distributors should be equipped with the most convenient tools possible, so we offered our software as a solution for free to partners. The software allows partners to create a list of sites, including names, locations, and services provided at each location. Sites can manage users, giving permissions to each location as necessary. Most importantly, we focused on the user experience of setting appointments. We realize that for many of the most impacted populations, technology access presents a barrier. That’s why we created both a user-friendly website experience where patients can book an appointment, add their information, complete screening questions, and provide insurance information if applicable, along with a call line that supports the booking and customer service process. We also allow walk-up appointments in order to alleviate the lift from booking in advance. Frontline workers use Curative’s software to record and report patient data. On the back end, our software allows providers to record tests and vaccinations, send patients’ receipts and report data to public registries. This is especially important as we help provide testing data to guide decision-making nationwide and transparency around vaccination efforts to work toward our goal of achieving herd immunity. Providers can upload patient records in bulk, which allows for ease when working with nursing homes, schools, and any partner with a well-defined patient population. Lastly, our software allows us access to a real-time dashboard to monitor data and provide critical insights for the public’s understanding of the pandemic while remaining HIPAA compliant.

A Monumental Year in Review

At Curative, we look back on a monumental year ­­­- characterized by late nights, hard work, and immense growth. We were able to provide healthcare resources to communities when they were most needed and played a significant role in reducing the impact of the pandemic amongst those most vulnerable. We are honored, humbled, and inspired by all that we were able to accomplish this year, and we are eager to use that momentum to build a healthier tomorrow, together.